Help Me Get Better!

Three things I want to be better at:

1. Drinking more water. This is the worst excuse ever, but the water fountain is really far from my office. So when I finish my first water bottle, I rarely go refill it.

2. Stop pressing snooze. This is a terrible habit that started in middle school. I always set my alarm earlier than needed, with the intention of letting myself press snooze. If I leave myself less wiggle room, maybe I'll get up.

3. Keeping clothes organized as I go. My dresser drawers need organization. My closet has very little order to it- except the stuff I rarely wear has gradually migrated to the back. It wouldn't be such a daunting task if I just kept it all neat as I go.

Any tips on how to reach any of those three things?

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  1. Let me solve all the problems!
    1. Drinking more water.
    a. Refill when you're procrastinating on the next task.
    b. Get a bigger waterbottle.
    c. Get a second water bottle.
    d. Get some "on the go" water bottle mixes - there's lemonade & all kinds of fruity flavors. When you fill up your second bottle, flavor it as a treat.

    2. Stop pressing snooze.
    a. Feel guilty about how you're torturing your husband with the snooze alarm repeating over and over. When you wake, think about being nice to your dude and it'll make you get up and out quickly.
    b. Put the clock on the other side of the room so you have to get out of bed.
    c. Exercise. You sleep deeper and wake up less groggy the next day.
    d. Change your mindset when you hear the alarm. As soon as you hear it, think about one positive thing going to happen during the upcoming day. Makes it exciting to get out of bed!
    e. Use the SleepCycle app to waken you only when you're in the "light" phase of your REM sleeping cycle.
    f. Drink a lot of water before bed so you'll have to wake up and go to the bathroom immediately.
    g. Promise yourself a prize if you can go without hitting snooze for 3 weeks straight. Thinking about the prize will help you not ruin your pattern, and help you get in the habit of not hitting snooze.

    3. Keeping clothes organized as I go.
    a. Get rid of all your extra stuff. I liked the KonMari method.
    b. Hang most of your remaining clothes, including pants.
    c. Get a nice big pack of matching shirt and pants hangers. Everything will look tidier when all the hangers are the same.
    d. Get a shoe cabinet from Ikea, one for each person.
    e. Tidy your clothes as you put away clean laundry.

    There, I've done it!