Blogs I Love

These are people I hope you'll grow to love as much as I do. If you're looking for blogs to admire and communities to fit into, take a look at my recommendations!

  • Lauren Nation Harrison: a best friend I met in May 2009. She is a high school teacher and she posts incredible insight about living out Christianity. She has a vision of what heaven on earth is. She writes a weekly letter of encouragement for other teachers to sign up for as well. Join her community.
  • Paige Sullivan: my college roommate all four years. She's the friend I go to when I want someone to shoot straight. Also, she's the only person I've ever met who has a weirder sense of humor than I do. Paige is earning her MFA in poetry, and she's really brilliant. I described her to my aunt one time as "The Taylor Swift of Poetry," but Paige writes about more than just ex-lovers.
  • Emily MacD: one of the quickest friends I've ever made. She's witty and loving and she blogs about life in Nashville and having a cool toddler. Her husband Barry is awesome too, and she write about him as well. Emily's blog is the #1 reason I miss living in Nashville.
  • Kelli Taylor: Kelli, Josh, and Jordan Taylor run the Blimey Cow community, which revolves around their weekly youtube show called Messy Mondays. Kelli's blog is about her life, home, goals, whatever she wants. 
  • Josh Taylor: Kelli Taylor's husband, and that's pretty much his only claim to fame. A regular average trophy husband. Just kidding. He is one of the masterminds behind Blimey Cow too.

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