Summer Stitches

I'm feeling a little nostalgic for summer camp right now, so here's a camp story!

In 2012, I was on Support Staff, meaning I worked behind the scenes and didn't have any campers of my own. The camp nurse found me and told me there was a girl hurt on a trail, and she had one counselor waiting with her. I needed to go find them and help the counselor carry her to the car.

I drove the Gator as far up the trail as possible so that we could carry her the least distance possible. When I found them, I was pleasantly surprised to see that it was one of my past campers! And she wasn't terribly awfully hurt; she just had a big gash on her knee from tripping on a rock.

I got her back to the nurse, who decided I should take the girl to the ER for stitches. While I was on the phone with the camper's mom explaining the situation and trying to get her insurance info, the nurse was trying to find another support staff to go with me to the ER. For safety/liability issues we have to have two adults traveling with a camper. Whatever. She found Ben who was gonna go with me. Ben is a very hilarious person.

The camper Kaylee was glad I was with her because she's kinda shy and she remembered me from two years ago. She did not know Ben but he quickly changed that. We loaded up in an old janky minivan with weirdly plush seats, and we pretended it was a spaceship the whole time. We made up astronaut nicknames for each other and used those names the whole time.  Kaylee was awesome and brave and didn't cry when she got three stitches on her knee. She even got to talk to her mom on the phone, which is not something campers are ever allowed to do because it makes homesickness worse.

Of course, I wasn't actually the one getting stitches, but I'd say that for the three of us it was probably the most fun ER trip anyone in the world has every had. We stopped at Dairy Queen before returning to camp, and we swore Kaylee to secrecy. Teaching them good morals, hah! We took the spaceship back to camp and she had an awesome gross knee to show her friends. I wouldn't be surprised if it was the best part of her week.

Candy Addict

The first image is from PostSecret. 
The second image is by me. 

Pointed Pen

So for photo Friday its only appropriate that I share a photo of what's been most prevalent in my life this week. So that's definitely the calligraphy pens and inks that Brian got me on Wednesday! I've been spending like three hours a day massing with them. Immediately obsessed. 
First attempts above. 
Later attempt below. 
If you aren't already following my progress on Instagram, take a looksie at @whateverletters. Thanks! 

Three Favorite Pizzas

Can you tell I'm just really craving pizza? Today is spaghetti night at our house which isn't wway too different from pizza... but still. I want pizza. These are my three favorite pizza combinations:

1. Barbecue Chicken Pizza. When I was a kid I would ask for no onions. Biggest and most prolonged mistake of my life.
image from the pioneer woman

2. Hawaiian Pizza. I'm just here for the pineapple. Brian hates it though so it's become a very rare treat.
image from afterdinnerdance

3. Margherita Pizza. Tomatoes in lieu of sauce just make me really appreciate the flavors a lot more. It's not as heavy, just perfectly magical.
image from recipe treaseure


When I was a dummy, I hated all vegetables. As a kid the only vegetable's I'd tolerate were carrots and lima beans. My parents would send me to my room since I'd refuse my vegetables. No dessert, no snacks, just staying in my rom until bedtime. I threw a fit every time, but in my kid point of view, it was totally worth it to get away from the greens.

In college when I was trying to teach myself to like salad, I'd get iceberg lettuce from the salad bar and cover it in dressing and shredded carrots. I specifically remember Brian and I bonded early on in our relationship with a conversation that went something like this:
"Yeah I can tolerate salad... but I don't enjoy it."
"I don't understand how people can eat salad for a whole meal."
"Why do people order salads at restaurants."
"If I were to force myself to eat an enormous salad, I'd still be hungry as if I'd eaten nothing."

Lol. Dummies.
Now we plan to eat salads weekly for our whole dinner. Romaine or spinach or a spring mix. When we go to restaurants, we often order salads, or at least the healthy side. We don't drench our salads with dressing. In fact, I always order dressing on the side because I kinda prefer to taste the lettuce itself. What have I become??? A healthier individual, that's what.
We cook peas or green beans with almost every meal. It's so easy to use the $1 frozen bags from Kroger. And vegetables taste better now probably just because I don't think about them so much. I don't build them up as a 100 foot wall that's keeping me from dessert. It's just a veggie, and it makes my body feel good, and I like finding ways to spice them up to taste awesome. End of story.


Maybe you had an unproductive day. Maybe you've been feeling sad or stuck or anxious.

But you aren't only that. Every situation has an AND. There's good and bad everywhere. It's not just black and white.

I realized that today. I've been avoiding some stuff because I know it'll make me anxious. But thinking back, some of the most anxious things have also been the things I enjoy most. (Take Mission Week at church a couple weeks ago, as an easy example). There's an AND in there. There is good and bad. I can enjoy things that also terrify me.

Let's pretend it's your grandmother's birthday today, but she passed away a few years ago. You don't have to only feel sad. You're not bound to that one emotion. There's an AND. You can be happy about her memories and the life she led. The happiness and sadness don't negate each other.

Let's say you got in an argument with your dad, sure. Maybe you feel distraught or angry or guilty or whatever kind of bad things. But there's an AND. You can feel motivated and sure of yourself or open-minded.

Embrace the AND. Be all of it.

Two Track Mind

Last Week's Goals

1. Get a new driver's license. (F) I ended up not having any days off work, so... this didn't work out. 
2. Go to the pool twice. (B-) I went once.
3. Eat veggies every day. (B) I think I did this but I cant totally remember.

This Week's Goals
I've been only zoning in on work lately, and I've let home life slip. I finally cleaned the toilet and it was gross. I've been relying on Brian to do more than half the household chores which I shouldn't make into a habit.
1. Prep for Teacher Training. I have to make a big presentation to all the volunteers to get them ready for the school year.
2. Don't go to work on Friday or Saturday. Fridays and Saturdays are supposed to be my "weekend" but I actually haven't taken them off the past two go-rounds. I running on low.
3. Clean up the office and desk. It's where I do all my lettering and watercolors, and it s a total disaster zone. 

Bachelorette Auditions

One time I went to the auditions for The Bachelorette. Okay I din't go audition myself, but I tagged along with my good friend who was single at the time. She's really pretty and really smart so I truly believed she had a shot at sparking their interest. But also she's very level-headed so that'd surely make them pass. I just wanted to see it all. This was in late summer of 2014 but I'm guessing it's still very similar to this day.

We arrived at the address. It was a local Atlanta news station and there were handwritten posters with handwritten arrows saying, "Bachelor Auditions This Way." Honestly it was kinda sketchy that they couldn't shell out a few extra dollars for printed signs. It looked like the pep rally signs that cheerleaders make in high school, real cutesy, probably by a summer intern.

We had to park on the street and pay for it, and walk about five minutes following the signs to get to the entrance. There were security guards with metal detectors and they checked our purses. Once about ten people had made it to security, someone from ABC walked us back through a maze of hallways to a large room. Part of the room had rows of chairs like a waiting room, part of the room had tables to fill out the paperwork, and part of the room was ABC staff just doing their stuff, like a photo backdrop for headshots and some stacks of paper and stuff. Honestly it was not very well organized.

So we walked in wearing our normal everyday clothes, and there was no indication of what we were supposed to do, and nobody talked to us for about a solid minute. I guess the ABC interns were just chatting away, I dunno. Eventually someone was like, "Sign in here, and fill out this packet." So she signed in, put on a name tag, and started filling out the questionnaire.

There is no way they actually read those questionnaires. The questions were so dumb, like "What's your dream vacation?" "Do you have any tattoos?" Very few of them had substance. They did cover some important topics too though, like "Do you have children?" "Describe your relationship with your parents." I bet they don't pay attention the the questionnaire until they've already narrowed it down to about 100 girls, because it was pretty long and boring. I stole one of the pens that said "The Bachelor" on it, but it was the very cheapest most terrible quality, probably because they anticipated everyone takes them.

We finished the packet, turned it in, and sat in the waiting room area. We knew when they called her name they'd take her headshot, take her to interview, and bring her back. We waited about thirty minutes and observed as much as we could. Most of the girls were wearing way cute clothes, like minidresses and high heels and a hairdo that probably took and hour. My friend was wearing normal clothes, like a cute summery skirt, and a tank top, and a chambray shirt. They told her to take off her outer layer for her headshot. They took her to a back room for her interview and I waited.

Alone in the waiting room and feeling out of place, I noticed someone on ABC staff talking for a long time to one of the auditioners. The staff person was like, "I'm so glad you came out to meet us!" And the woman was like, "I'm so glad you called! I didn't even know this was going on!" So I got a glimpse of the hand-picked thing. I wonder if they don't even consider the people who walk in off the street if they haven't already gotten a phone call tip off about them. I tried so hard to study the girl's face to then know if she became a contestant, but I don't remember a thing about her.

When she returned, she said it was kinda pointless. She interviewed with three people, and they seemed disinterested. They essentially just repeated the same questions, asked about her job and education and family, and asked a couple "how would you react if...." questions. Then they said bye and we never heard from them again.

Remote Robbery

This image is by someone anonymous on PostSecret.

My reaction:

Rainy Driver

One of the worst things is driving in heavy rain at night. When you can't see the lines on the road, and can only see the lights of the cars around you, I totally freak out.

This week we were driving in a downpour. It wasn't even dark yet but I was super thankful that my husband isn't bothered by rainy driving. 

Here's a couple photos for Foto Friday! 

Three Movies

My absolute favorite movies:

1. Elf- The only Will Ferrel movie I like. I love Christmas and I love kids' movies and I love ridiculous awkward goofy scenes and quick jokes where you could choke on your popcorn.

2. My Big Fat Greek Wedding- This is a landslide favorite in my family. My siblings and parents and I can quote the whole thing. We love the "bundt cake" line and the "inside the lump was my twin" quote and "that's okay I'll make lamb" joke, so basically we just love Aunt Voula.

3. 13 Going On 30- Cutest movie ever. Since it came out when I was a teenager I could still kinda relate to the dorky 13-year-old. It's just so cute and it's a feel-good-movie that actually accomplishes that goal. Also in 12th grade I made friends with a foreign exchange student from South Korea, and we made her watch it for the first time, and she did not stop giggling the entire time.

Terrible terrible terrible movies that are worth a laugh:

1. Christian Mingle- its about a girl who pretends to be a Christian so she can date a guy she met on Christian Mingle. The whole time you dislike all the characters. Basically everyone is portrayed as selfish- the lead guy, lead girl, their family, their friends... it's awful.

2. LOL - This movie stars Miley Cyrus and it is titled perfectly. You will LOL at how awful it is. It has the dumbest plot, I honestly googled to check if Miley Cyrus actually wrote the screenplay herself. If seems like a teenage girl really did just imagine some movie in which she has such a hard time choosing between lots of hot guys while she fights with her mom.

3. Transformers 4 - My husband is watching this movie right now as I type, and it is very uninteresting. But it did inspire this blog post so that's one way it's improved my life I guess.

Don't Mess With Alaska

My parents recently got back from Alaska, and they mentioned this t-shirt they saw for sale:
The joke reminded me of something I used to not understand. I was such a dummy. I remember in first grade our teacher asked the class what the biggest state was. We all guessed incorrectly. A lot of us guessed Georgia, which shows how the world revolves around a 1st grader.  The teacher pulled down the classroom map and asked us again, "Which state is largest?"
We still couldn't figure it out. We were so frustrated that she repeatedly insisted "Texas" and "California" were incorrect answers. It took her a long time to tell us the correct answer. Alaska. And we totally didn't understand. Look at the map- Alaska is way smaller than Texas and Nebraska.

Literal takeaway: when I was a dummy I didn't understand scales on maps.
Figurative takeaway: when I was a dummy I couldn't zoom out, take criticism, and see the bigger picture.

Really Okay

I don't know about you, but sometimes I feel really overwhelmed. Big things a little things equally overwhelm me, just depending on the day and what else is going on in life.

But in hindsight, it's all okay. I'm always okay. Even the really most terrible, overwhelming, life-paralyzing things.... eventually we're all okay.

I was totally overwhelmed and intimidated by hosting daycamp last week, but I did it and I'm okay now. I was totally overwhelmed and practically paralyzed with fear when I had to take a lifeguarding test at age 17 and 19. But I survived and I'm okay.

Even if it really was as awful as you thought it'd be... you end up okay. Okay? You'll be okay.

Simple Goals

Last Week's Goals:
Last week was crazy. Exhausting. Stressful. Fun. And now Mission Week is over... For the next year.
1. Don't get sunburnt, and don't let kids get sunburnt. (B) I got sunburnt on one shoulder, but none of the kids got burnt badly. 
2. Eat breakfast everyday. (B) I did eat everyday but it was like... peanut butter crackers and a granola bar. So not great. 
3. Go to bed by 9:30. (A+) Yeah I was asleep by 9 or earlier every day.

This week's Goals:
Keeping it simple!

1. Get a new driver's license. I finally got a new social security card with my new last name. Gotta get the license to match. Then I gotta let my bank and insurance and workplace know... gosh its a never-ending process.
2. Go to the pool twice. Summer is ending. I'm so sad. I'm also so pale. 
3. Eat veggies every day. I got real bad last week. I planned junk food for the kids for lunch every day so that they wouldn't complain, but that mean I had to eat it too! I don't even like hot dogs and pizza and chicken nuggets that much, ugh. Wasted greasy calories. 

Undercover Adult

One of the advantages I have at my job is that I look super young. Small stature, adult acne, sloppy fashion choices, and round cheeks always throw people off. Most of my kids assume I'm just a high school kid, about 16 or 17, and they're always surprised when I mention my husband or when I clarify that I already graduated from college.

Last week I spent a lot of time with a lot of pre-teens. And let me tell you, these kids can talk each others' ears off. But when it comes to adults they are so closed off. They do not want their parents to know who they have a crush on. They do not want their teachers to know that they secretly watched a PG-13 movie. They do not want adults to know that they stole an extra bag of chips or they secretly brought a bottle of gatorade on the rental bus.

But kids sometimes forget that I'm not a kid. I play their dumb "down by the banks" time wasting games, and I listen to their long stories about how one time they saw their friend do something. I ask them about their pets and their siblings and their birthday and their favorite jello flavor and what they wish their middle name was. And suddenly in their eyes I'm totally a kid. And they'll tell me opinions and stories and secrets and eventually my ears fall off. But in the meantime I get a lot of laughs and smiles.

Some awesome quotes from this week:

"I don't like TV shows with killing. Or maybe I do, I'm just not allowed to try it out yet."

"Would you like pepperoni or cheese pizza?" "Do you have mushroom, peppers, olives, and sausage?"

"You never call on my for my answer!" "Okay go ahead." "I forgot."

"I'm sorry this story I'm telling you is taking so long."

"I was born from a panda."

"Thomas lost his little sister so I left him alone to find her."

"Can I have a fourth hot dog?" "You were allowed two." "Can I have my second second second hot dog?"

Helpers and Runners

The first image is from The second image is by me, inspired by the first.

Kids on a Mission

For Foto Friday I obviously thought I should share some pictures from Mission Week. This whole week has been an exhastingly packed-full week of mission projects for our 4th and 5th graders at church. We were so busy I stopped taking pictures by Tuesday😂

Monday morning we packed lunch bags for the homeless. But first we decorated the bags with Bibke verses and cute pictures. 
Monday afternoon we visited a community of adults with special needs. We played Bingo, volleyball, and karaoke. The kids were scared out of their minds at first but then loved it! I think it was the most meaningful and impactful activity of the whole week! 

Tuesday morning we went to a local park where they have an outdoor classroom for schools to use. We raked leaves, pulled weeds, and spread new mulch. 

Tuesday afternoon we went to an animal shelter. We gave dogs baths and walks. We cleaned their cages and played with brand new puppies. 

Then I stopped taking pictures. 

Wednesday we packed sack lunches and brought them to a mobile home neighborhood and gave the lunches to kids. Our kids were aggressive and competitive about giving out the lunches. Typical. 

Wednesday afternoon we set up all the tables and chairs and tablecloths for our own church's Wednesday Night Supper. 
Thursday morning we sanitized some old furniture around church. 

Thursday afternoon we visited a local retirement home and played card games. We taught some old ladies how to play Apples to Apples (Disney version) and they loved it, hah! 

Friday, today, we didn't do any mission projects; we just spent the day at a water park. The kids had a blast and I got sunburnt. Whatever. 

Three Little Pipe Dreams

Dreamy luxurious things I'd like to try one day:

1. Get a professional massage. I love back massages. So much. In high school marching band, my best friend Stephanie and I would rub water bottles on each other's back during long bus rides. Is that weird? Yeah? Ok sorry.

2. Visit a fancy winery. I've only been to a winery once and I was only twelve, hah! My parents did a wine tasting, but my brother and sister and I just ate pretzels and were bored out of our minds. I think it'd be better this time around.

3. Fly first class. I wonder if it's really like the movies. It seems like a different world from coach seats.

I Hate Reading

I like to say "I hate reading." It makes many people cringe, and it feels kinda true to me. I think I've realized I don't hate reading in general, I just unapologetically hate reading anything that's not interesting.

I liked Harry Potter, I liked The Hunger Games (even though I've recently had a serious of nightmares about them) and I like reading blogs and social media and fluffy stuff. I hated reading for school, and I hate reading through redundant curriculums I have to sort out. Bla bla bla.

I came to this revelation through watching TV snd movies. I've recently become really outspoken about admitting, "I don't want to finish this movie," and, "This is too scary for me," and "I don't want to watch any more episodes," and "This isn't funny at all." I'm turning into a TV snob I guess. But I would never let those things convince me that I don't like TV or movies.

So why did I let myself believe I don't like reading, just based on all the readings I disliked? Because high school literature class picks the most awful boring books as required reading, and I totally gave up pleasure reading by elementary school.

Anyway, I don't hate reading. I just am picky and only like reading fluff pieces that make me happy.

Caught Between

Do you ever feel like you've done something not-so-great and you need to make up for it by doing good? You're caught in the in-between, in some sort of weird motivating guilt trip.  Here's a beautiful song that perfectly conveys that feeling:

You do good all the time. So many good things come from your existence. You don't have to feel guilty about the bad stuff and mistakes (because you are wholly forgiven by an all-powerful God) and you don't need a guilt trip. Your motivation is your good heart. And that's stinkin awesome of you.

Mission Monday

Last Week's Goals:
1. Post twice a day on @whateverletters Instagram. (A) Did it. Still loving this side project.
2. Letter envelopes. (A) Sent them off on Friday
3. Get up at 7am each day. (A) I had basically no choice. It was a cray week and this week will be more cray.

This Week's Goal's:
Every Monday is called "Mission Monday" on this blog, where I go over my mission for the week and discuss whether last week's mission was accomplished. But this week in particular is aptly named Mission Monday because it's the start of Mission Week at church. I'm taking 20 preteens on two mission-themed field trips every single day. I might die, or I might not. We'll see.
1. Don't get sunburnt, and don't let kids get sunburnt. We're doing a lot of projects outside. When I was a camp counselor, it was a terrible sin to let your kids get sunburnt, because it loses the trust of parents. 
2. Eat breakfast everyday. I know I'm going to be rushing out the door and constantly preoccupied. 
3. Go to bed by 9:30. Seriously our week is going to be exhausting and I think this will be an easy goal. 

Lame Pranks

Senior year of college, the few and mighty math majors decided we were total pranksters! But also we were lame goody-two-shoes, so our pranks were awfully lame.

A photo posted by Kirby Darden (@kirby.darden) on

After we scattered the toys, we started to worry that they would think it was kinda a throw-away prank, and they might pick up the beanie babies and take them to Goodwill. (In hindsight, of course they wouldn't do that the very same day.) Anyway, to make sure that didn't happen we left a forged not from the college president, saying, "Hey guys, thanks for agreeing to petsit today. I'll be back tonight to pick them up."

Another terribly lame prank we did....
The college started encouraging each department to organize once-a-month lunches where professors and students would meet up together in the dining hall. They were pretty fun since the professors in our department were friendly and funny. A week before an upcoming Math Lunch, we decided it would be so totally hilarious to send out professors formal looking invitations inviting them to the luncheon, "black tie optional." We got their early, laid out tablecloths, lit candles, and put out fancy place cards. Our professors did not want to give us the satisfaction of a job-hilariously-done so they ignored everything the whole time! We were dying laughing.

Small college perks: 6 professors taking their 7 graduates out for dinner.


The first image is from
The second image is by me, in response to the first.

Well That's Embarrassing

The only picture I took this week, other than a bunch of doodling that's already posted on my second Instagram....

Donut holes. Blueberry Dunkin Donut Munchkins. What does that say about my priorities?!

Three Things- Am I Normal?

These are three things that make me wonder, "Is that okay? Am I normal? Do other people deal with this too?"

1. My eyes water when I drink carbonation and when I sneeze. Sprite especially makes me cry, and it's part of why I've almost entirely given up drinking carbonated beverages. One time I had a sneezing fit, sneezed about eight times in a row, and then someone saw me and asked, "Are you okay?" because they thought I'd been crying. Nope, just sneezed. 

2. I talk to myself, and it kinda feels like I do it a lot more than someone should. When driving alone in the car, half of the time the radio is off, and half of that time I'm talking aloud with myself. Sometimes re-imagining old conversations, sometimes telling a story to remember it later for a blog post, sometimes reviewing my to-do list. 

3. My feet are always either cold or sweaty. There is no in-between. I have to choose every day between being gross (wearing socks and shoes, muggy with sweaty feet) or being frigid (wearing sandals or ballet flats, toes turning blue). I usually go for socks and shoes, but then at the end of the day my sweaty feet get stuck in my skinny jeans and I have a tough time peeling them off. But it's the lesser of two evils. 

Reason or Excuse

I used to think reasons and excuses were virtually interchangeable.

"I'm late because there is bad traffic." is not a good excuse; it's just a reason.

Mistakes, lack of planning, forgetfulness, laziness, etc... those are just reasons, and it's a shame to use them as excuses. They're just slip-ups, and instead of using them as a cover up, I should use them as a lesson learned.

Real excuses are respectable and unavoidable: sickness, family emergency, severe weather, basically just acts-of-God kinda stuff. They're rare, understandable, and real respectable excuses.

Don't let reasons become faux excuses. Don't accept other people's reasons as faux excuses.

P.S. Thus really sounds like a sub-tweet but it really is unrelated to anything going on in my life right now, hah! Just a general observation since we're watching Master Chef right now and everybody's making "excuses" out of little reasons.

Not Even Surprised

Today I'm in the middle of one of those awesome days, when you get to work and think, "Holy cow I have way too much stuff to do," and then you start working, and four hours later you're amazed at what you've gotten done. So now I'm breaking for lunch and super proud of myself and genuinely surprised at how much is done already.

But the thing is... other people who know and love you are totally not surprised on those days. People who are in your corner, cheering you on, always by your side, they knew the whole time you can do SO much more than you think. So stop even being surprised. Just know it, own it, do it.

In a recent episode of New Girl, Nick keeps cutting himself down and making fun of himself, as the "stepping stone" boyfriend that helps women eventually realize they actually deserve better. And Nick's friend Jess was like, "Stop it! You actually are awesome! People date you because they like you and you're an important person!"

Realize how awesome you are. You should never be surprised when you manage to pull of something impressive.

Totally random stock photo I thought was amusing:

Applause, Please

Last Week's Goals went crazy well!
1. Enjoy dinners. (A) Did pretty fine at this. We cooked a couple fun things like quinoa pizza and a couple quick simple things like spaghetti.
2. Start a Lettering Instagram. (A+) Done. And I'm enjoying it! I don't know why I chose the name Whatever Letters, but you can follow along at @whateverletters if you'd like. 
3. Go to the pool twice. (A) We went three times! And we discovered that the pool is totally empty in the mornings because all the loud obnoxious teenagers in our neighborhood sleep in til noon.

This Week's Goals:
1. Post twice a day on @whateverletters Instagram. I think my new insta is off to a good start. I'm having fun with it and still figureing out how I like editing my photos though. 
2. Letter envelopes. I got my first wedding "calligraphy" envelope order last week! I should receive all the envelopes tomorrow in the mail and need to get 50 envelopes addressed by Friday. I'm excited!
3. Get up at 7am each day. This coming week I have a lot to do in preparation for the next week, which will be insanely busy. Gotta be the early bird and catch those worms!

Spit Take

The Princess Diaries with Anne Hathaway is a top notch movie. Seriously funny. Clever. Full of awesome actors.
It came out in 2001, so I was a ten-year-old. Literally perfect timing for a movie like that. It was "cool" but also its rated G, so everybody's happy. I think every girl my age has teen that movie about ten times and can rattle off a few of their favorite lines. 

Fast forward a few years to sophomore year of high school. I was sitting at lunch with my friend Katie and we were reciting the whole movie. It got to the part when she's at a formal dinner for the first time and they put the green glob by food in front of her. She takes a huge bite, didn't realize it's actually frozen, and silently freaks out.

My friend Katie reenacted t perfectly, and I laughed so hard I spewed a mouthful of water directly at her. Before that moment I didn't realize spit takes were a real thing. I thought they were just a dramatic funny thing people do on sketch comedy shows. But nope, they're real, and they can happen to anyone. 

That girl Katie and I slowly became less close of friends, and we've completely lost touch by now BUT I am happy to report it has nothing to do with the spit take. 

Hate is a Strong Word

The first image is by anonymous, posted on 

The second image is by me, inspired by the first. 

Quinoa Pizza

Here are some pics for Foto Friday! We attempted making pizza crust out of quinoa.
Our crust in the beginning, using this recipe. We doubled the recipe except for the eggs, since too much eggs give me a sensitive stomach. 

Brian carefully distributing our chicken, peppers, and onions.

The finished product! Overall pretty yummy, but it definitely couldn't fool anyone for being a "real" crust. The crust actually held together so you could eat a slice by picking it up. A tasty option for anyone who has to eat a gluten free diet.