About the Blog

A History

In 2012 I started and ended a half-baked vlog project during a college internship. The name Kirby Every Day was born, even though my posts were only weekly. I then became a public school teacher, my students found the goofy videos, and I had to delete them off the internet forever. I enjoyed the creative outlet, didn't enjoy the hefty workload of vlogging, and have since dreamed of resurrecting the name Kirby Every Day. So here we are.

A New Beginning

In 2016 I'm hatching a new plan to post every single day:
  • Storytime Sundays-I'll tell a short story. It'll be mostly true, but I like to embellish. High school, college, grad school, career... it's all fair game here. 
  • Mission Mondays- I'll set a few goals for the week and rate how well I accomplished last week's goals. Help hold me accountable. Give me a hard time when I don't reach my goals. 
  • Pep Talk Tuesdays- My favorite word is "encourage." You need it and I need it! 
  • When-I-Was-a-Dummy Wednesdays- There are plenty of things I used to think were true. I'm getting smarter every day! Reviewing what I've learned helps me feel growth and stay on a trajectory of self improvement. 
  • Three Things Thursdays- I'll make a list of whatever I want.
  • Foto Fridays- I'll share a photo I took in the past week.
  • Secret Saturdays- I love to read PostSecret. I'll post a reaction to my favorite secret each week. 


  1. It's really awesome to see you back on the Sea of Internets! Keep going strong!

  2. Oh, and I'm surprised no one has caught this yet. I'll make sure to get the word out!

    1. Gee, thanks! I haven't been promoting it at all; trying to build up a couple weeks' worth of posts before going totally public :)

    2. A diplomatic approach. I respect that!

  3. Replies
    1. Why thank you, thank you. Teach me your blogging ways, Lauren-who-actually-posts-meaningful-posts.